Friday, January 21, 2011

Other Stories

So... I finally finished the first draft of my novel.  I finished on Monday evening and had it printed Tuesday. As I'm going through doing minor revisions, before I turn it over to some readers, I'm thinking about what's next.

Although the first draft is done, there are lots of revisions, editing and sending the novel around to find an agent, publisher, etc.. to go.  One way to keep myself from going crazy waiting, is to jump into the next project.  One might worry that I'd have to come up with some ideas now.  Well, that's not the case.  I have two ideas and have to decide which one I want to pursue. That's the hard part.

The first idea is a little dark and is in contrast to this first novel.  It would be a story about two childhood friends who are all grown up now, but share a dark, deadly secret from their childhood.  The problem is that one of the men doesn't know he holds this secret.  He's blocked it out and only after he begins having flashbacks, does he seek out his long lost friend and tries to to get to the truth he's buried. When he finds his friend, he finds him on a path of self destruction because he's been living with dangerous guilt and can no longer bear it.  He wants to confess and seek absolution, but his confession would implicate his friend, who has everything to lose.   It could be dark, mysterious and delve into  the seedier underbelly of people's personalities.  That intrigues me.

The other idea is a sequel to the current novel. At first I never considered a sequel.  This was to be a one time story, except that I find the characters still have so many stories to tell. There is a lot to explore with this art dealer from New York, his Native American lover, and their circle of friends.  This one could be fun.

Decisions, decisions....

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