Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And the Award Goes To.....

I was thinking today after the announcement of the Academy Award nominations that there should be awards given to the everyday people who are doing the best the can do in circumstances far beyond a nicely written screenplay.  For example, James Franco is nominated for best actor for his portrayal of a man who cuts off his own arm.  No disrespect to Mr. Franco and his acting, but the one who really should get an award is the guy who cut off his own arm in order to survive.

I think we all know people who manage life through extraordinary circumstances or projects.  They should get some recognition.  I don't want to embarrass anyone, but I'll pick on some of my friends.  

If I were giving awards for Best "Actress" in a Leading Role I would choose my friend, Erin in Waiting for an Agent,  or another friend Erin, in Freelance: A Story of a Mom, or friends Ashley, Heather, Wendy, Charlie, Brian, and others in Nightmare in the Call Center.   My friend Wendy would also take home an award in The Kids are Alright, but I Don't Want Anymore. Katrina would walk with gold for The Pervy Writer's Network.   

The list is endless, everyone has a story. One day a year, we should all dress up, walk the red carpet and salute ourselves.  Whose with me?

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