Saturday, October 22, 2011

I Could Die Happy... #25

I could die happy after...

Meeting up with my friend, Jackie.

I adore Jackie Engle!  Jackie and I met several years ago when I began doing murder mystery plays.  We hit it off immediately. Her sharp wit and wicked sense of humor drew me to her.  Aside from that, she's smart and kind, and is one of those women who does everything.  She's acted with Tom Hanks. She's lived in Paris.  She skis, runs, kayaks, and probably sky dives.  She lives each day to it's fullest.  I love that!  Over the years, we've drifted apart a few times as we both got busy, but when we get back together it's like no time has passed.  Last night I met her and her wonderful husband, John out for a drink.  I love seeing them again.  Next time we don't wait so long.  Cheers, Jackie and John.  I love you guys. 

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