Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Could Die Happy #12

I could die happy after...

Meeting Kim Zimmer

I have always been a fan of the soaps, since discovering All My Children when I was babysitting one summer when I was eleven years old. I was always intrigued by the writing and sometimes the acting.  My dream was always to be a head writer on a major soap.  With the genre dying that seems unlikely, but I digress.

I fell in love with Kim Zimmer from the minute she walked on the set of Guiding Light as Reva Shayne in 1983.  That is why in 1994 when I made my first visit to New York City I had to get tickets to an off-Broadway play she was doing, Four Dogs and a Bone.

On my way back from the TKTS booth at Times Square to the apartment where I was staying at Madison and 34th, I got the surprise of my life when I passed a woman on the street and recognized her immediately by her piercing blue eyes.  It was Kim Zimmer.

I stopped her and asked for her autograph.  I was trying to be cool, but was failing miserably.  She was very sweet and as it turns out has some relatives where I lived.  When I fished my Four Dogs and a Bone flyer out of my fanny pack (don't judge me, it was the 90s), she screamed.  "Look at what you've got." I told her I had tickets for that night.  She signed my flyer, we chatted for a few minutes and off she went.

The play was wonderful and then I got my second biggest surprise of the day.  During curtain call, Kim made it a point to acknowledge me in the audience.  My first trip to New York ROCKED!

As it turned out, I ran into Kim again the next night.  She was staying two doors down from where I was staying. What a weekend!

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