Friday, September 23, 2011

Change of Seasons

I can hardly believe today was the first day of autumn. Summer went by so quickly this year. Too quickly.

I'll admit autumn has always been my favorite time of year, but it also flies by as the cool Ohio nights turn into cold, gray days. Every year I promise myself I'm going to savor every moment of the changing leaves, apple cider and pumpkin pie. 

One of my main reasons for my love of autumn is the transitory nature of the season.  It transitions us from the hot blooming summer to the cold, restful winter.  It's nature's time for a nap.  She's earned it and she's ready to slow down and rest for the next growth spurt.

Doesn't that sound like our lives?  I know it does mine.  I can handle the growth, whether it spiritual, emotional, or physical, but there are times I need a break.  I need to allow the growth to settle in before taking on something else. I'm hoping this autumn can be my resting time. A time for reflection.

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