Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Starting Over

A friend recently posted on his Facebook account that he wishes life had a bankruptcy clause where you could you walk away from everything and start fresh. I've been thinking about that too. It's not that I want to walk away from my family and friends, but the idea of beginning fresh has a whole range of possibilities and could be exciting.

I think biology says, if I remember correctly, our cells renew every seven years.  So, essentially we are a new person every seven years, but we're still stuck in the same old patterns, expectations and limits we place on ourselves. What if we broke free from that? Can we?

I think we can start over, but it takes courage.  What we know is comfortable, even if it isn't always what we want.  Starting over means stepping out of the comfort zone and trying something new.  A new location. A new job. A new outlook on life.  A new identity of sorts.

We can start over because it is we who defines ourselves, not those around us.  Others may have their expectations of us, but we set the rules for who we are.  We can never let go of that power or we become who everyone else wants us to be and we lose ourselves in the process.

Be who you want to be.  Its never too late to redefine yourself.

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  1. Loved this post. We all feel this way from time to time and need to remember to be true to ourselves. I can so get behind the idea of a bankruptcy clause and this combined with a post on write to done, gave me an idea for a new story. I bloged the idea and mentioned your blog there as the inspiration. If you need another story idea, stop by www.lostinthewriting.net and help yourself to it. Enjoy your blog BTW