Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bad Writer

I can't believe it's been ten days since I posted a new entry. Bad writer!  The truth is that I've had a lot going on internally and any post might have seemed a bit too negative.  I definitely didn't want that.  I'm trying to clear out the negatives from life and be a more positive person. Inherently I tend to be positive, but I'm also human and sometimes I have difficulty letting the negatives go.  I suppose if I were perfect I wouldn't have that problem.

Okay, aside from all of that, I continue revising and editing my novel.  I found a couple of chapters that I really did not like.  I knew when I was writing them that I would be coming back to fix them, so that I did.  I got back into the character's heads (or they got into mine) and put out some really good stuff, if I say so myself.  I'm about sixty pages from finishing the first edits.  I'll make those changes and then get this puppy into my very patient first readers' hands.

I'm still pinching myself. I wrote a freakin novel.


  1. I totally relate to your first paragraph! Wow, a novel!? Thats amazing! I always wanted to write a novel, but I don't think I am that kind of writer, I don't have the imagination or the right way of saying things. Excited to hear more about your novel! I am a new follower. Feel free to come visit me over at