Saturday, January 26, 2013

Boys and Techno Toys

My first major purchase as an adult was not a stereo, like other guys my age, it was a Smith Corona Electric Typewriter. Y'all still remember what that is, right? I don't need to explain?

You could say, "Well, you were a writer even then," and I'd say, "Yes, but it was also the beginning of my tech addiction." I am a tech junkie.

Eventually I graduated from my electric typewriter to something that was going to revolutionize my writing, a word processor. Sure, it still looked like a typewriter, but you could see the words on a small screen as you typed them out before they printed on the page. You could change words, or delete sentences without having to tear out that paper and spool a fresh one in.

After the word processor, it was on to a computer. I could write on that and save things to a 3.5 inch floppy drive. I took a class in DOS and WordPerfect so I could understand how to use the computer to write my novels. Eventually I told myself I'd really get serious about my writing when I could get a lap top. Finally I did.

Along the way, I've had a Palm Pilot, a Treo, a pager, and finally my first cell phone, which was the size of a landline handset. I've had a iPod Shuffle, an iPod Nano, an iPod Classic, the first iPod Touch, a Nook, a Kindle, an Android tablet, and an iPad. I've upgraded my phone every time I've had the opportunity.

Each time I've upgraded, or purchased something new, I would think to myself, "this is going to change my life." I will write the great American novel on it. I'll take up running because I can listen to music from it. I'll read all those books I've put off reading on it. I'll be better organized because of it. The list goes on and on...

Why the history lesson? Because several weeks ago I dropped my Samsung Galaxy 2 phone and maybe spilled a little water on it, and now the battery is doing something wonky. Sometimes it will charge, sometimes the phone tells me the voltage is too high and it pauses charging (even when it's not plugged in). It's become unreliable. I've scoured the message boards and there seems to be no fix for it.

Bottom line, I'm not eligible for an upgrade and I can't justify spending $649 on the Samsung Note2, which I'm sure will change my life. How will it change my life? Well, it has excellent reviews (I'm a geek and check all this out ahead of time). The battery life is phenomenal. You can write notes on it, and it has the latest version of Android (which will surely change my life).

I've become obsessed. I Google everyday to see what new phones/tablets/gadgets are coming down the pike. Samsung has a Galaxy 4 and a Galaxy Note 3 rumored to be coming soon. I should wait...but I can't. Android 5.0- Key Lime Pie is coming soon. I should wait...but I can't. I just know these new products will change my life, but I need a fix NOW.

I tell myself this is ridiculous and I should stick it out with the phone that works sometimes, or buy a used flip phone to tide me over, but then I start shaking. I become the heroin addict whose high just wore off.

Like any good junkie I wonder if I have a problem. If these toys aren't going to fix my life, what hope is there? I think I need a tech cleanse. Sometimes I wonder if going back to paper books, writing on legal pads, and talking instead of texting might be the answer.

Does anyone know the number for the Steve Jobs Treatment Center?


  1. This was awesome! And I fear you are not alone with these troubles! Would love to see the posts should you ever do that "tech cleanse"!!

    1. Thanks. If I do the tech cleanse, I'm not sure how I would blog about it. Maybe I could try "social teching." I could only tech after 5pm and never tech alone. That might work. :-)