Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Telling a Book By It's Cover

Since I'm nurturing my entrepreneurial spirit by self publishing my first novel, Postcards from the Desert, I get to make decisions other authors might not get to make.  The big one I keep coming back to is, what my novel will look like?  I have to choose or design a cover. There are professional services one can contract to have this done, and I may still do that, but I want to have some input.

Everything I've read regarding choosing a cover has been helpful.  You want something that is going to look good both as a thumbnail image (for ebooks) and on a paperback, if you're going that route as well.  I am.  I plan to publish both as an ebook and in a paperback form.

But how to choose?  I've been looking at other novels to see what sells, and then I've gone through photographs I have taken, or friends have done.

I've gone through different stock photo websites.  Looking for something I want to purchase the right to use. I've enlisted the help of a friend of mine, who is a graphics designer to help me out.  We'll see what he says. Above, are just a few of the mockups I've tried. I've still got time and should probably get back to editing, but this keeps me reminded I am moving forward.  This is really happening.

You might not be able to tell a book by it's cover, but it certainly can't hurt to have the right one.


  1. I'm really excited for you! And I agree that covers are so important. There is something cool about the 1st one above as it's looking 'through' something else.

    Have you considered a postcard frame around it? If you google search 'postcard frame for photo' things come up to give you ideas. Or the backside with the stamp/etc. Just some more thoughts to put into your head! ;-)

  2. Thanks, Greg. Yeah, I like the first one. It's a friend of mine in New Mexico and the photo has always drawn me in. I keep telling myself to finish editing first and then decide. Must. Finish. Writing. First. :-)