Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Things That Weigh Us Down

There is nothing like a move to make us ask, "Why am I keeping all this crap?"

I hate moving, but I know I'm not alone in that. I've yet to meet anyone who loves it.  What I do love is the opportunity it allows us to clear away the wreckage of our past.  Literally and figuratively.

As we move into new empty spaces our minds start dreaming up possibilities for those spaces. A small room with a large window becomes the reading room I've always wanted.  The deep windowsills become a place for potted plants.  The windows overlooking a courtyard become a people watching Mecca for a writer's muse.

As we leave behind the boxes of self help books we no longer need, or our parachute pants from the eighties, we make room for our new self.

As we ponder carrying those boxes or old habits with us, we will probably find we've outgrown them.  It's time to donate them to Goodwill or call bulk pick-up and have them taken away.

In the end, everything we really need to take with us is already inside us. 

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