Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lazy Sundays

Frankie's needs are simple.  A spot in the sun for a nap. 
I love Sundays.  I think I always have.  They have a different vibe to them than other days.  Saturdays try, but they're too quick paced for me.  Saturdays require getting the things done you've been waiting for the weekend to do.  Grocery shopping. Laundry. Gardening. The chores.

Sundays are slow, gentle and easy. Aside from the Christian principle of Sunday being a day of rest, it seems like a slower day.  Which is why I have no problem napping a Sunday away. :-)

I wake up on a Sunday to cup of coffee and CBS Sunday Morning.  I never watch CBS in the morning except for Sunday.  I'm usually a Today Show kinda guy.  I have a secret crush on Ann Curry.

The morning is sometimes followed by brunch with friends or just my partner and me going out for something delicious.  Some days like today, I'm still in my pajamas at 4 p.m..  I love that.

Days of rest are needed in this fast paced world we live in.  Sunday is the day we somehow have permission to stop and smell the flowers, or taste the coffeecake.   This is also the kind of day that works for me most when it comes to creativity.  I do my best story plotting when my mind is relaxed and I can consider the possibilities.  It's not the kind of day for me to do line edits.  I'd find myself napping if I attempted that.  Sundays are also my favorite day for taking my camera out into the world and capturing it's beauty.  In a few weeks, when Spring is really here, that's what I'll be doing.  Today I'm writing.

I've begun working on revisions of my first novel and it's nice to know what's "wrong" in my piece.  "Wrong" is too strong of a word.  "What could be improved" is probably better.   It's nice knowing those things, but now comes the fixing it, or making it shine.  The possibilities are endless.  I thought revisions would be tedious and I'd be tired of my novel by now, but instead the opposite is true.  I have a whole new energy about it.  I sit back and realize this really has possibility.

As I consider all my options before moving forward, I'll need to mull them over during a nap.  My character speak to me then.   Really.  It's not just an excuse to nap......  Well, maybe a little.

Happy Sunday.

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  1. Enjoy it to the fullest!!! I call Sunday...Jammy day!!!! Vegging all day, reading, snacking, playing on my puter, it doesn't get better than that!!!